[Testers Needed] Experimental Web Interface

The Labs team is developing an experimental web interface for Storj/Tardigrade. We would love to get early feedback from select community members on the user experience, and help finding bugs. During this first testing phase, data and accounts will be deleted frequently.

For anyone who is interested in participating we are asking you apply via this form. Selected applications will receive an invite to a testing Slack channel and an access URL. Please note that during this phase data and accounts on this experimental web interface will be deleted every few days.

Screenshot of current development:


Says no permission yet.

You need permission
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@deathlessdd and @nerdatwork Try it now. Forgot to set permissions.

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Works now thanks I applied to be a tester.


Just have applied too.


Yey! very exciting! I’ve completed the form too.


The rest of the users that signed up have been invited to the closed beta.

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