[Testers Needed] Filezilla Onboarding Page

We are developing a custom on-boarding experience for Filezilla users (https://fz.tardigrade.io). We would love community feedback on the experience, and anything we can do it improve it.

Known Issues:

  • Does not work on mobile at the moment (will in a few days)



In gonna check this out!

Seems to work well on desktop but it isn’t responsive on mobile.

I have already been testing with filezilla since the release and so far its been working pretty well for me.
One thing That seems to be an issue is when upload files it does pause every few secs I dont know if there is a way to speed the process up to constantly upload files.

Sorry about that. Will add that to the known issues at the top. Will have it responsive in a few days.

That is normal behavior. You can speed it up however by: Edit > Settings >Transfers > Max concurrent transfers to something like 10.

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Yeah I did I was just curious cause if im uploading bigger files small files are no issue here.

It’s working well!

Indeed, the page is not responsive so it’s not really comfortable with a smartphone.

It would be nice to add some links to:

  • support page
  • other documentation to setup tardigrade client and so on
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1TB free storage but what about downloads? I see no information about egress costs etc or how long 1TB is free.

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I’m guessing it’s free for the testing period and it’s gonna be gone cause the API isn’t part of our own accounts.

Very simple and efficient process.
I would like a “Quickstart guide” as a text rather than have to view the video for instructions.

Cursory testing works very well, it’s easiest onboarding I’ve ever experienced. :slight_smile:

  • Directories need to start with a lower case characters: Not the end of the world, but for the OCD amongst us it makes it look “untidy”
  • No support for special characters: unable to upload files with letters like é, ç, á, etc in the filename. Very annoying if you’re hoping to go mainstream with this.
  • Unable to rename directories
  • No spaces allowed in directory names

I accept the last two are technological limitations of the platform but, again, if this intended to go mainstream then you probably should address it.

Glad you liked it! We only plan to improve it. Unfortunately due to tech limitations we can’t offer support for some of these.

  • Directories need to start with a lower case characters - So this is only a limitation for the first level which are buckets, not directories. You can use upper case for the 2nd level and below.
  • Special Character Support - Will look into this. This may make it difficult for international users.
  • Unable to rename directories - Not able to do this until perhaps we have server side copy support.
  • No spaces allowed in directory names - I don’t think there is anything we can do about this.
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So basically it creates a temporary account for you, which you are able to login to later when we send you an email. Currently we do it manually, but it will be automatic later.

@kevink Added some text to the main page that is free for 3 months. Downloads are drawn from the same credit. It will be easier to track that once we email you account information.

@jeremyfritzen @ACarneiro Ok will add a text Quickstart guide.

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Thanks, that is a bit clearer but still,

it’s not specified anywhere how credit is calculated and to be exact, 1TB of free storage doesn’t say anything about bandwidth. So I actually have no way of knowing how fast I reach my credit limit. Or what’s worse, I actually don’t know about any bandwith costs because it’s not specified.
As it currently stands, the offer looks like unlimited upload/download for 1TB of storage for 3 months. So it’s (even if not intentionally) highly misleading.

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  • Special Character Support - This is only true for the bucket name. Directories within the bucket are fine. I created directories with space, Umlaut and é
  • Unable to rename directories - That is indeed a bit sad but typical backup solution won’t need this I guess.
  • No spaces allowed in directory names - This is also only true for the highest directory which is the bucket_name. Subdirectories can have a space.

For easier onboarding I’d suggest creating a default bucket and using that bucket as the root directory if possible. That avoids all bucket name problems which will be quite strange to a normal user that isn’t used to s3 storages.


My upload tests were not quite what I expected. It seemed to me that the upload would freeze all the time for 10-30 seconds. However, having experience with the uplink library, I know that the upload speed displayed is erratic. It always hangs for many seconds (not showing any progress or change in upload speeds), then it goes to 50MiB/s, then back to 2MiB/s on a 5MiB/s connection. So the upload seems to pause all the time while in background actually there is a continued upload saturating my upload bandwitdth. (except between pieces, there’s always a gap).
I know this is an old problem of the uplink library.
But: This behaviour can make people nervous. It’s not what normal users expect and it looks like freezing, unreliable uploads.

Downloading seems significantly better, because I can download with 20MB/s so the pauses and erratic display of progress/speed is not that visible. However, the real speed was 15MB/s.

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Same thing here. Uploads appear to be happening in fits and starts. Looks like it stalls but then goes back to normal.
Haven’t tried downloads yet.
5 simultaneous uploads seem to have killed my iMac’s Ethernet link, though. No idea why.

I don’t know why my feedback landed in the other thread: Future changes to Reed Solomon numbers