Testing NextCloud Connector

Hi All,

Looking for feedback around this NextCloud Connector. If you are a Nextcloud user, please try it out and let us know if you have any feedback!! (https://github.com/utropicmedia/storj-nextcloud)

How does the integration work?

This integration enables Nextcloud users to securely back up their data to the decentralized cloud. This includes a full snapshot of your Files hosted on your NextCloud instance.

An instance administrator can enumerate(script) through their users and backup each user account’s associated files.

The Connector grants NextCloud users the ability to backup their instance to the world’s most durable, economical, and performant decentralized data store.


General overview for building tardigrade connectors: https://storj.io/blog/2020/03/building-tardigrade-connectors/

Check it out. :slight_smile:



That link leads to

Cloud Not Found

Here is a rainbow instead!

@nerdatwork Its also cross published on Medium.
Try this link https://medium.com/@kleffew/building-tardigrade-connectors-3e938f6e95a1

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the link to the blog is fixed now

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