Testing resumed on stefan-benten satellite?

Did some kind of testing resume on stefan-benten ?

Looks like both ingress and egress went up significantly in the last few days. Still insignificant compared to other satellites but it’s doing something !

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My graph for that sat doesn’t look quite like yours…


Almost all traffic (90-98%) has been repair ingress/egress…

that’s weird, ingress should be equally distributed across nodes. Your bandwidth used is also mush higher.
I guess we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

There is no predictable patterns, let’s your node doing its job :slight_smile:

Not on my node

So you’re saying that testing hasn’t resumed and that it’s just normal variations in traffic ?

Are you sure your node wasn’t just full during those days? My graph looks a lot more like @dragonhogan’s.

Or could your node have just finished vetting on that sat or come off of suspension, which is why you could have also seen the uptick in traffic?

I have no idea and it doesn’t matter for me as a SNO while this traffic and data are paid.


You’re right it just got vetted on stefan-benten…
My bad thanks for the input guys !
The worst part is that I saw it got vetted but my brain just didn’t make the connection.