The Green Case for Storj


I genuinely do not understand how Storj can make this case. I don’t see the consumption of energy as in and of itself as a bad thing. Surely what matters is the generation source and to some degree distance from generation and consumption. (since a lot of energy is lost in transmission and is thus wasted).
Not all energy creation and consumption has the same degree of impact on the environment. For example having 20 hard drives powered by geothermal could be seen as a better outcome than a single drive powered by brown coal.

For example this way:

Thanks for the article Alexey,
A few comments i would make:

  1. A lot of jurisdictions want the ability to control local power generation and have the capability to turn off local energy generation such as roof top solar.
    As one example: Electricity provider authorised to switch off rooftop solar in SA in emergencies - ABC News
  2. Lead Acid batteries are an environmental problem in and of themselves and take particular measures to dispose of correctly. Lead isn’t exactly environmentally friendly.
  3. Lithium batteries are already a significant waste steam issue and recycling is not exactly perfected for them as yet.
  4. The mining of lithium is itself a significant environmental issue.
    The Environmental Impact of Lithium Batteries - IER (

Then please offer your option :slight_smile:

I’d not make the claim in the first place but I would also be interested in what types of energy power SNO’s around the globe. That data in and of itself might be interesting.