The ip change has happened to me again

The ip change has happened to me again. I had to modify the ip of the config file. How can I solve it so that it does not change anymore if the node stays offline, greetings

You should register your own DDNS hostname and use it instead of public IP, then configure the DDNS updater on your router in the “DDNS” section. If your router doesn’t have such ability, you can install the DDNS updater (depends on DDNS provider) on your PC with storagenode.

Here is guide for the DDNS provider (you can use any other of course): is good, but requires you to “verify” every 30 days that you want to keep using the ddns hostname.
I’ve switched to, as they allow 5 ddns entries for free, and several easy ways to perform updates from your machine to their DDNS service. (I have my router performing the DDNS update, but at one point was just doing a crontab curl to their endpoint).

hi, is this kind of service affecting your network performance?
i mean lets say I have 300/100mbits connection, and this service will slow down you connection lets say to 30/10mbits.

DDNS is not acting like a proxy or VPN.
No data goes through it.

It is just telling the satellite your actual IP address so the satellite can find you.


Or get a static IP from your provider.