The last 3 days wash away 2 months of cultivation

Yes looks good:


Is it possible to add a “Paid Data” metric to the Network Statistics? Just so we can see how much “real” data is on the network in that graph?

Why do you care now, how much it paid data, soon will be all paid, and your data is paid to you independently from what type of data it is. So no need to spend development time to it.


Yeah… to SNOs it’s all “paid data”. I don’t need to know how much is in-use by free trials.

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Sure, its just wanting to have data for data’s sake. But I would like to be able to see historically how the “real” data has grown as that matters more to the health of Storj than how much free data weve been storing for years. All ive seen is the one graph from the Town Hall. I doubt anyone will put in hours to make it real, but i figured id ask.

Hello, it is happening again:

Well… it was fixed for a solid 8 hours at least :wink:

Hi @artur , it still periodically happening