The latest canary build of Duplicati crashes on running backup jobs to Storj

Apparently the latest canary build of Duplicati is not quite compatible with Storj.

On the latest build the runtime was changed to .NET8, shipping with dependencies, therefore no more Mono or .NET install is required.

I think that testing and reporting bugs should help the developers to troubleshoot.

The latest builds are available here: Releases · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub. Please note that they are not detectable via the Duplicati UI yet and manual upgrade is required for now.

Thank you for notifying us. I shared this information with the team.
However, it is unclear if this only happens if the backend is Storj?

I am not sure if this happens only with Storj as I have not tested other scenarios. There are so many factors to be considered; some tasks run fine, others fail. Apparently tasks seem to fail if the origin directory to be backed up has a lot of files and directories, though it is not sure whether it is the reason of the crash.

@TopperDEL the Storj .Net bindings and Duplicating integration maintainer told us that the bindings should work with the new Duplicati, however, they have open TODOs with Duplicati and they haven’t got the time to go over them so far.


@TopperDEL the developer of Duplicati points out the apparent wrong packaging of here: Win-Arm64 not packaged correctly in Nuspec · Issue #39 · TopperDEL/ · GitHub

It looks to me that the implementation is moving to the right direction, and I cannot wait that the wrapper to be implemented on Duplicati next canary so that Mono dependencies can be removed :slight_smile: