The link to the original topic sometimes not shown

I try to reply through that button, and shows up like so:
and the reply sometimes still doesn’t have the one I’m replying to on it. I don’t know why.


Then the best course of action would be to quote from that reply which never fails. Also if you click the quote it expands to show the whole comment or take you to the original comment. This is extremely helpful in long threads.


If you reply to an earlier post, then it includes a reference to the far away post.


If you reply to the last post (like this one does) then it doesn’t include a link to the post you are replying to since it’s obvious which post you are replying to.

If you want it to include what the discourse designers think is noisy. Search the site settings for “suppress reply”.

If this what you are talking about?

If you include a quote then you’ll always have a link to the original post since it’s part of the quote decoration.


Can’t find such option in my preferences.

It’s a system, not a user preference. So an admin will need to do it.