The most important information about the health

The most important information about the health of the SN (audit score) is too hidden, it takes too much effort to get to it to be aware that something bad is happening before the suspension or DQ

I suggest showing the worst result on the dashbord home page, for example like this:

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I’d request a slight improvement of the idea. This information should be right at the top of the dashboard, not in the footer.


I thought Audit Score was by satellite? So are you suggesting to show an average of all satellites? I agree it should be more visible. If it stays in the footer it could show Audit Sore for each satellite.

min() would probably be more actionable.


Agreed, great idea. Even if it where just a list of the satellites with green, red or yellow dots in front…that would help already. In addition, if it reaches yellow, trigger an email to the owner with that.

yeah, and show which satellite it is. Checking the health by going trough the whole list of satellites would be a bit annoying, especially if there is going to be more satellites in the future.


Thank you all for your feedback.

Our SNO growth team started to work in a new design for showing this data for every satellite in the dashboard home screen.

In the last sprint they created a mockup for it and in this sprint they are starting the implementation.


We like to share with you the mockup


That looks nice. I also like the separated in/out bandwidth graph instead of how it currently is.


That looks great, thanks for sharing!

It feels like splitting out the SNO growth team is leading to some great improvements. Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Oh, good to hear this is a thing. TBH, I believe what you could do is making BrightSilence’s scripts no longer necessary—by integrating all information they provide into the dashboard. They’re that useful :wink:

Yes, perfect :slight_smile: that would be a major help indeed.

Honestly a LOT of that is already done. There has been some awesome progress with the dashboard.

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Great ideas. We do need to be able to see at a glance how a node is going.

The most important thing in your proposal is the node ID (it doesn’t make sense). Still, the most important information about the health of the SN (audit score) is available somewhere and again too hidden, it needs to be exposed (!), It is also important online / offline, notification, and maybe for consolation, give the current earnings …

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I’m pinging the team working on it about your feedback for its evaluation.

Thank you very much for providing it.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It would also be good to have information about the number of nodes in the / 24 subnet somewhere


@peem summed it up pretty nicely :+1:, very nice sketch.

As a side note: I don’t know if the “Status” and “Last contact” statuses were fixed, but in the past they used to display the status between the node and the browser being used to check the dashboard, nothing more IIRC.
At least, that’s feeling I had when my node went offline once, because my internet connection went down, but I could still access my dashboard from the local network, and it was proudly saying I was “Online” and the “Last contact” was resetting to “0m ago” everytime I hit F5 to refresh the dashboard…

That might no be what SNOs would expect from this figures :slight_smile:
This was several months ago though, maybe things changed since.