The next platform for decentralized storage in the making

There are quite a few storage platforms with their implementations, but they’ve neglected the specific adoption needs of developers.

Every file is erasure-coded into shards and stored on unique storage nodes. Only a subset of these shards are needed to retrieve the entire file, making it highly redundant and available.


What’s the nice mix, they claims to use erasure codes and mention “PoRep - Proof of Replication”
Since they uses blockchain and especially Ethereum - they would meet two problems at once:

  • scale
  • required coordination

So, they have three marks of potentially dead storage product:

  1. uses existing blockchain (scale problem, coordination, too slow) to store metainformation;
  2. uses replication (more high price for storage and compensation of nodes churn);
  3. talking more about their token than a storage implementation.

But it could be only my first impression and they would solve somehow the coordination, speed and scale problems related to the blockchain in the nearest future, and would figure out that replication is too costly to use it in real life, when you want to have a scalable solution.

Perhaps the speed problem of L1 could be solved with L2, zkSync 2.0 specifically (they implemented an EVM-compatible VM in 2.0) and the speed would be acceptable for the storage access.

From their “whitepaper” this is not a storage network, this is another one stacking blockchain. Maybe it could be improved.


Yeah, this stood out to me too. I found their “white paper” sorely lacking on details of how they would tackle specific challenges. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there is almost no description of how storage and data transfers work.