The node stops receiving data

The node stops receiving data. The node works fine for a few days, then stops receiving data, but the output is fine. There is free space on the disk. The node has a windows-gui. This happens on different nodes on different computers. If the node is restarted, the incoming data resumes immediately. This problem has been going on for months and not fixed with node updates.

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What is the version of your node ?

Version of node 1.76.2

How many free space?
Could you please show the ingress graph?

But in reality I have about 300 GB of free space, the rest is taken up by other files, but I free up space for the Storj as it fills up. The real free space is always 200-400 GB

The node does not allow this dynamic changing of free space. When the node starts it checks the actual free space on the disk, not the amount you ‘assigned’ and will only allow the real initial free space to fill until restarted, when it will run the real free space check again.


Can you show what config.yaml file has under :point_down:

# total allocated disk space in bytes

total allocated disk space in bytes

storage.allocated-disk-space: 7.6 TB

You can edit config.yaml and reduce the space as per the free space and restart your node. Open Powershell with administrator rights and execute the command :point_down:

Restart-Service storagenode

I would recommend 4.5 TB to keep some space for overheads and your personal files.

This entire HDD is for Storj so I will be moving other data to another drive

Thanks everyone for the replies

Do update us if your issue is resolved or not :slight_smile:

Can anyone confirm this?
Because I run my Storj on unRAID with a small cache drive.
On first Boot i have to remove cache or it detects not enough space and exits. But after the Initial boot if i then change cache to be on it seems to just keep adding data way above the ~100gigs free on my cache. I can also from thatpoint on restart my docker without Storj complaining about missing space.

I would love to know more on the exact technical details on how it determines its real available space and if i need to be aware of anything with my unRAID setup. With unRAID i do not have all data necessarily on the same drive as it fills them up equally bit by bit. I only sometimes consolidate some data on certain drives.

This specifies the same answer - Strange node activity - #12 by Alexey

I don’t know Unraid or how the cache drive presents itself to the docker/container. If you are confident in what you’re doing then you can disable the minimum disk space check by setting the following variable:

storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: 0B

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Oh thanks a ton for that reply. I will put those variables in just to be safe.
Don’t wanna accidentally limit my ingress because the node only looks at the cache disk size and not the actualy dozens of Terabytes that exist.

Just note, it will check the available space for allocation only on start.