The nodes do not work after changing the motherboard

I have installed a new motherboard. The old one had a flaw. The network adapter stopped working after a few hours.

The nodes are not working. There is no way to make them work again.

I have checked the windows firewall. The rules for opening the ports are fine. If I do a port test the ports are closed.

your network ip changed, or you reinstalled and your firewall antivirus or such thing blocks the connection… verify that there is a open route on the correct port to the correct ip from your router to your storagenode.

you most likely had a static ip setup before for the port forwarding from the router… and the network interface card (nic) was onboard, and when you reinstalled new drivers the nic configuration was reset and you got a dhcp ip address instead…

change your ip back to the static ip address your portwarding in your router is configured for.
of the cuff best guess i got

Try this checklist

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Even your service is not starting, check config, like hdd letter is the same, id is on same pcace, you have same local ip

The mac address of the network adapter changed. Enter the router to change the settings.

I have tried starting the nodes.

In toolbox they appear as online.

On the dasboard they appear as offline.

The hard drives are working.

try using the browser refresh button, the one on the storagenode dashboard have been kinda weird lately…

or maybe check the logs, to verify the that storagenode is actually running… i like to do that… just to see a successful upload and download… just because then i know.

i don’t normally do this… but when i changed a lot… then i like to just check… sometimes one catches something that one else would have missed.

Based on the Last Contact listed I would think your new motherboard and therefore OS don’t know the current date and time.

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i have also tried that multiple nic’s may cause the dashboard to use a different ip than i expected…
so i have a specific ip defined in the run command not sure how that works on windows tho…

else i’ve tried that the dashboard simply didn’t start correctly but that was after an update and stopping the storagenode and starting it again seemed to fix it…

the current date and time idea is pretty good, tho windows will in most cases sync time when its online, unless on specifically turns it off…
tho in the past if the date was off, it didn’t work… not sure if thats relevant anymore… kinda doubt it.

but still the time sync thing required is very precise, it might not have synced right and then the satellite communication or whatever won’t work allow the node to boot correctly…

in the past one was required to install a NTP client to sync the time… not sure how that is for v3, check the

Toolbox, show service status not node online status

Crtl-F5 may be help?

I have updated the windows time. The time has not changed.
I have updated the dashboard page.
I have rebooted.

How can I see the record?

Please, check logs from that node. The way is: , but you should change the path to the logs.

The ports are still closed. When I can reboot the router.

Seems your node is trying to work.
Please, check its port on the while it’s running.
If port is closed - then you need to check your port forwarding rule, firewall, external address.
If port is open, then you need to check your second identity (correct path in the command):

your new pc got new local ip, did you corelated port forwarding to that ip?

The port appears to me as closed.

I have already changed the settings on the router.

Already solved.
The ports on the fixed ip address was on the old computer.
I have changed the ip address and it already goes online.

choosing a new mobo can be a rather complicated question.
you will need to consider what other hardware you want or need to reuse.

the PSU, RAM, CPU and even the Case can give you trouble simply replacing a mobo
why do you want to change the motherboard in the first place? might be a good place to start.
and which hardware you need / want to reuse.?

often when replacing a mobo one often ends up replacing the entire system instead… with a few parts kept maybe… but then one cannot resell the old system except for parts

sounds a bit complicated, not sure i completely follow…

however i will say this, the storagenode can be offline for up to 12 days, just not recommended…
that amount of downtime will not have any major detrimental effects on the node.

also so long as the storagenode data / databases / identity is kept… then any sort of ip / port / network reconfiguration can be done afterwards without issue.

usually storagenode data / databases and identity is kept on the storage drive, but databases and identity can be stored in other locations, so one needs to be sure that isn’t the case.

storing the database in an alternative location is usually done to reduce iops demand on the storage and isn’t a default configuration.

and its recommended to keep identity with the storage also, so as long as you preserve those, then your storagenode is able to move between different systems without much trouble.

the worst part about moving a node to a new system is copying the data itself between different storage media which can take a lot of time.

for a quick and dirty log check i like to use.
docker logs --tail 200 storagenode

for a bit more extensive monitoring.

docker logs --tail 20 storagenode --follow

is really great

i also got the color log script, which is basically just the docker logs --tail 20 storagenode --follow

but parsed through an awk script and color coded so its very easy to spot the good from the bad at a glance.

more information on that can be found here…

might have my own custom brew of the one brightsilence wrote, but can’t remember its been ages since i looked at the different scripts…

don’t really use it much anymore, but it would make a pretty cool screensaver, if one was so inclined, which was initially what i wanted to do with that.

and still might. just sort of got distracted lol.
also basically already works, i doubt it would take much effort to make it into a screensaver.
even if most monitors don’t need them today.
they have a mesmerizing effect.
datacenter background ambience with a matrix touch.

and even if i don’t use it that much, it is still my go to, for when monitoring for errors, if stuff is acting up i often just leave it running on an idle screen, because its so easy catching random issues.

its a great tool, that has helped me a ton of time and even used it earlier today lol
so much for not using it that often, but my server hasn’t been to happy lately…