The Storj Linkshare web page for custom domain is missing

You could successfully setup link sharing with a custom domain
and it is possible to open the uploaded files in the browser:

But what I can’t do is to open the Image in preview mode,
like it is over the Storj Linkshare webpage.

There is an undocumented feature to append ?map in the query
/test/image.png?map to view the storage distribution map

but /test/image.png?view=1 does sadly not work

I could not find any other description about this topic.

Do I need to upload my own file preview page under 404.html including js files?

You want the storj branded page? I think ?wrap=1 should still work on your custom domain. For example: kite.png | Storj


Thanks, yes ?wrap=1 is near the feature that I am searching. Could not fund any documentation about the query params.

Perfect would be the ?view=1 that is used inside storj UI itself,
I want to use the link share for shareX (screenshot) and ?wrap=1 is not displaying the image out of bounds. (horizontal scrolling)

preview in backend:

Any other hidden option ?

In worst case I would try to implement my own over 404.html

oh I see, the preview page is coming from the storj UI itself, linksharing does not have an equivalent feature. Unfortunately I think you’ll need to implement your own.

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my temp solution is to upload files and use the urls
Image share: https://share.mydomain.test/2024-26/M23453.png?wrap
File share: https://share.mydomain.test/2024-26/Mhash/myuploadfile.pdf?download

The option to set the download filename over the object-metadata is missing too.
The subdir then required to not change the filename.
This feature could be used to implement a link-shortener over storj too.
But this is a bit different topic

Maybe later I will create or find a good preview single html page and host it over

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