The V2 network is shutting down

Hi, thanks to you too and for sticking with us .

PS you cn also jump in conversations here! I know soe folks miss rocketchat. but this format is so easy to organize and search for answers. The camaraderie is still here too, try with a fun attitude and maybe you will enjoy!

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Is it OK to switch off V2 node and delete left data? Seemes like doesn’t accept connections anymore.

{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Unable to connect to bridge:, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT”,“timestamp”:“2020-01-24T08:58:37.322Z”}

I even modded the node software so it worked better (using files instead of the weird database to store data).

Hi @PocketSam I’ll find out for you. thanks.

here is your answer:

v2 is actually already mostly shut down
we’re having a ceremonial final shut down next week
but it’s already safe for v2 operators to delete their data.


Thanks for the definite answer!

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Right time to move on V3! :slight_smile:

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is there anything we should notice?

do we get a suprise on screen when the network is officially shut down? :stuck_out_tongue:

My nodes were disconnected from bridge about a week ago and were not able to reconnect back. So it actually already down.
I stopped nodes and deleted remaining data (~ 15 GB) 2 days ago.

Farewell Storj V2 !


How to know that I`m on V2 or V3?

Do you see Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.31.12 ) on your dashboard ?

Yes. I do. But I had to manually turn on the updater to get that version.

Then its V3 and are you using docker or GUI ?

GUI. As a service on Windows 10.

There are other SNOs too that face issue with updater. If you do face any issue open up a thread.

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Ok, but are you sure that I`m on V3 version, and now my node moved from Beta to Pre-Release? I joined the network at 2019-12-12.

100% sure I am. V2 didn’t have update for over 2 years.

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Ok, thank you. I just watched the “Storj Labs Town Hall - January 31” replay and got confused by the fact that pre-production was started at 28th of January. And because there it is stated that Pioneer 2 beta 2 was started at 19th of November.

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preproduction is not beta any more, it is release candidate.