V2 status - Infinite connecting & restarting [api.storj.io down?]

Is the bridge health still good on V2? I moved a few nodes and get connecting forever, restarts 30 times and shuts down.

port is open, time sync delta is 3ms.

my nodes still running without issues.
The mentioned problem is known. But it’s usually related to a new nodes. Make sure, that you haven’t mixed up configs and related data.
Also restarts is a sign of errors with storage. Please, check your logs for known errors.
You can use a knowledge base for search: https://support.storj.io

i ran kfs compact. still restarting & connecting.

{"level":"error","message":"Unable to connect to bridge: https://api.storj.io, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT","timestamp":"2020-01-18T07:08:59.680Z"}

not sure why it can’t connect. I can ping the address fine.

can’t get a response from 443 though


{"level":"error","message":"Failed to discover seeds from bridge: connect ETIMEDOUT","timestamp":"2020-01-18T08:36:15.768Z"}

my script that monitors node reputation on V2 is also down

I can confirm its not connecting to the bridge.

{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Unable to connect to bridge: https://api.storj.io, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT”,“timestamp”:“2020-01-18T14:52:56.957Z”}

Can you try restarting your node and check! My 1 node was connected while other had connecting animation. After I restarted both nodes - both nodes are now connecting & its been hours.

Then I won’t to :slight_smile:

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You mean with the restart option? It restarts in it’s own 30x before it shuts down with those errors, but I’ll give it a try.

Nope I meant that one for Alexey hence it shows him in the ‘replied to’ section :slight_smile:

But the one above it was meant for you since we both are in the same boat now & its sinkinggggggg :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see, still getting used to discorse. You are right. I think if the node gets disconnected, it can’t come back. Welcome to the sinking ship.

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Could it be that since V3 is near production V2 nodes are on their last breath? I do know Storj will send out a notification to shutdown V2 nodes but this seems like the calm before an official notification.

I hope that’s right. And that it didn’t disqualify me for any incentive to keep them up. Would be a shame to lose so close to the end. My reputation monitor went down at 1pm Friday. So maybe that’s it.

I have old storj software and nothing connecting, is their new ver if there how I can install it

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Check out this thread.

the bridges always in “conecting” status and yes the delta is around 3ms

i have the same error… :roll_eyes:

I think it working only for already established connections, but for new connections, it will not working (if you restart your v2 node)


So, is it v2 network on decommission state?

Absolutely correct hence restarting is NOT advised for already running nodes.

That seems kinda sorta maybe correct IMO. V2 is heading towards shutdown as it seems but if node is offline for 7 straight days it gets DQed. So payouts would be interesting for this month.

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Thanks for information! got it!

Hi; have been using the latest Mac client and until 3 days ago working fine. now getting a constant “connecting” message and then disconnects. Also can’t access the api.storj.io node feature anymore. I wonder if there is a new update for the Mac. Checked but couldn’t find one. Is there anything I should know or is something down? Thanks

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This thread already mentions the same.