V2 status - Infinite connecting & restarting [api.storj.io down?]

Hi thanks but unless I’m missing something, doesn’t really assist. What can I do to get back online? Everything appears fine from my end. Also if there is an upgrade, how do I find out about it for Mac?

I know it doesn’t help but we are in same boat and nothing seems to work.

There are no updates since V2 is deprecated but still has customers using V2. V3 will get production launch this month.

PS: Are you running a node for V3 ?

Thanks again. I don’t think I’m using v3, still using storjshare for Mac GUI 7.34. How do I know if using v3? Do I need to change to v3 and if so, how?

You are using V2 as you are using Storjshare.

You will get all the needed information about V3 here


If you face any issue open a new thread about it since this thread is about V2 :slight_smile:

still not working, does it actually end v2?

Same here, no connection to bridges.

after 30 restarts, it stops for good.

Is there an official announcement on what is happening?


None so far that I came across but if you do, do link us.

If I find something… I will let you know!

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I entered a ticket. They said devs will look into it as early as today.


As a data point my v2 node is showing as connected, no restarts, uptime 14 days (from when I last restarted the machine). I won’t be restarting it to see if I can replicate, sorry :yum:

Live life on the edge & RESTART :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gotta hold out for that January payment. If you want to throw away your $0.007 for this month, that’s your business!