They give me a storj node

Good afternoon.

They give me a storj node with 1.8gb of data.

They tell me it is on linux.

Could you make a copy of the data with rsync or robocopy?

I would put it on my pc that has windows.

On my computer I have 2 storj nodes. The second node install it with toolbox. I would like to mount the third node with toolbox.

Hi @Vicente, the documentation for migrating a node is here:

As the third node already exists and you’re migrating it then once the data, config and identity have all moved you should be able to add it to the toolbox.

Edit - you’ll also need this info for moving from Linux to Windows:


I have gone to “Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10”

He has reached “Step 4-Download the Linux kernel update package”
I can’t install it.

If I go to the next step I can’t finish.1

It doesn’t matter. They are going to format the disk where the storj data is.

So “they” are not giving you anything in the end, is that it?

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