Things to consider when changing locations of the servers

So I wanna change the server physical location from one place to another. I have come to conclusion that it will be better for me to migrate data from my home PC to the laptop hard drive after 15 days of being online on home PC and be online from my office. Because I don’t wanna use all the internet bandwidth while downloading the data from my office for 4 to 5 days.
I somewhat understood the process but still I don’t know all the cause and effects behind those steps. I have linux installed in my home PC and office PC has windows installed. I understood the rsync process. It copies the data but quite don’t understand why we need to copy order and not familiar with the term ‘order’. And I am quite unclear what domain should I use on my new server after migrating the data to the laptop HDD which will be on my office. I also wanna know the difference, cause and effect and the reason behind it while using the old domain and new domain.

It’s not clear what do you want to do.

How I understand it:

  1. temporary migrate data from your home PC to your laptop
  2. Move laptop to the office and migrate data, identity and orders to the office PC

Is it correct assumption?

The orders folder contains your unsent orders to confirm bandwidth usage. You may not copy them, but some usage could be not paid later, because your storagenode will not submit these orders, which you decided to do not copy.

any updated to the public IP in your office. You also need to forward port 28967 TCP+UDP to your office PC.

Since your destination OS is Windows and you likely will use a binary version with the Windows installer (GUI install), you need to carefully provide a path to the storage location (it will end with storage folder).

@Alexey I am telling you the whole plan as much as possible.
I cannot start my node on the existing shared connection of my office because it will consume all the bandwidth while downloading the data which will occur for 4 to 5 days. If I start my node on this shared connection, others will have problems using the internet.
I would have signed up for another dedicated connection from another ISP since there is always a chance that the existing connection will be having an internet outage once in 6 months (probably), in my office. But the other ISP is only distributing only 2.4 GHz frequency routers which have the capacity of 100Mbps of bandwidth over ethernet. But the ISP said that they are planning to replace the 2.4 GHz router with a 5 GHz which will have a bandwidth of 1 Gbps in a few months. I am planning for the long term here. I have seen that the other ISP have quite low chances of an internet outage. That is why I have to add the other ISP in a few months for my office too for storj.

That is why the above topic is brought.
I wanna know how the storj network identifies the old data from the new server after migrating the data to my office. That’s why I wanna know if I have to use the old or the new domain. Because once I saw it on the post or email that I can use any new domains after migrating the data to the new server and setting up DDNS. Is it not compulsory to use the same domain that the old server is using? Because only a particular domain identifies a particular server?

That’s why every node has an unique identity and Node ID. The IP does not matter for node identification and can be changed.

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Thank you @Alexey and @jammerdan for your support.