Third party caveat


I’m trying to build an app that gives access to a file stored on storj based on the fulfillment of a condition in a smart contract on ethereum. (I.e if this happens, then you can have access to this file).

I figured out that I could do that with macaroons and third party caveat (if user is authenticated on a this 3rd party DB - my smart contract - then you can read file)

Am I correct to think this ? If yes, is this functionnality available on storj ?

Thank you


Welcome to the forum @ddy !
I’ll pass this question to the team and get you some answers.


@ddy This is an excellent idea! I remember our CTO @jtolio mentioned something similar a while ago. We don’t have any specific plans to implement this yet, but this should be possible to implement from an architectural point of view.

Since there is interest in this, I’d suggest starting to discuss the potential design of such a solution. Usually, here at Storj, we start with a design doc called “Blueprint”. You can read more details about blueprints here: storj/docs/blueprints at main · storj/storj · GitHub. There you can see existing blueprints as examples too.

@ddy Would you be willing to open a PR with an initial draft of a blueprint doc for Ethereum contract macaroon caveats? It does not need to be perfect. Just put your thoughts, so we have some base for discussion.


Will do ! Thanks for the answer ! I’m not a pro so it will be very high level ; but I’ll try to do something good.

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this is a pretty cool idea, i hope it will work out

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