This log, should i be worried?

Is this something to worry about? Its a new node. Its getting data, been running 75 hours without a single audit yet.

i think yes, you shol chack your disk, download new version on toolbox, there is s.m.a.r.t check
about audits, thre was some changes in logs, may be i not updated yet on toolbox.

Should it pick up some audits within 75 hours? I get no smart information about this disk in the new toolbox. I have no alerts on the other disks.

how much data you have?
what version of toolbox do you have?

Vesion 1.8 of toolbox.

6GB traffic. I know its very early, but i was worried about the failures, and that might be the reason for not recieving audits. 100% with all satelites.

I also see that i am on an old version 1.19.4, and i see 1.19.6 got released two days ago.
Does my node auto-update? Or should i take measures and update it my self?

do you have 1 node or more? have you checked naibors on same /24 if there more than 1 node audits will be less as data. hdd conected on USB or SATA? you need to research about disk errors.
it is not normal to have them. Try to find what exactly disc error is this in log. something work unstable, it is good that you discovered it on so early stage.

Only one node. HDD S.M.A.R.T is OK.

I will let it run, see what happens. :open_mouth: