Time before the first activity/usage on a new node?


Happy top be a part of this amazing project. I have my Node up and running on my Linux server with 1 gig Up/Down.

How long does it usually take before a new Node has any activity/usage on it? Even a just few byres?

I am up for 26 hours+ and still not a single byte of usage. I did not find any info in FAQ on the website. Just wondering. Thanks!

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Did you sign your identity?


Look at your logs:

docker logs --tail 100 storagenode

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@deathlessdd thanks for the pointer. I forgot to run just one command “Authorize the identity”. After running it and restarting my node, I saw megs of data instantly. Thank you. My fault.


Just to answer for other users:

I saw traffic on my node literally 1 minute after it went up.
It has been up for 35 mins and I already have 88 megs of traffic and 72 megs of usage.


Yes, data ingress starts pretty much instantly :slight_smile: