Time to go now due expensive electricity

I ran a node since February, 2020

But the price of the electricity is just too much to handle in Sweden now. I wish Storj good luck.


My node that I started in June 2020 made 10x as much. Maybe something is wrong with your node, like uptime? How much space do you share?

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I mean 2021 February. 1,5TB. Not much downtime to speak of. Maybe a 12 hours in total.

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Let’s assume you are in the 10th month of operation and share 2TB on a 100mbit SVDSL connection, then you got pretty much what you should’ve expected from using the earnings estimator spreadsheet:

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I checked how much power Synology was using 45W so it uses around 32kWh a month. So I let it run a little bit longer.

Is this Synology only running Storj? If so, that does not sound profitable indeed

It’s my NAS. I can run homeassistant/conbee.

If it is your NAS (and running 24/7 anyway), you can simply not calculate the energy cost into your Storj profit equation :slight_smile:


That is why I turned it back on. :wink: