Tips for Storage Node Setup Instructions

  • If you are using Synology you must add “sudo” in front of commands.

That… Sounds weird to me. Why is this only for Synology? Shouldn’t you always use different user than root, thus using sudo on all machines? This is directly under Docker installation part, so I assume it’s correlated to Docker installation? Or maybe it’s also correlated to the identity setup, in which case it’s totally unintuitive, as the the identity setup paragraph is separated with a horizontal rule.

I also suggest to add sudo usermod -a -G docker $USER somewhere, in case the user is not in the “docker” group, so he can use docker as non-root (relog is required).

btw. since latest tikhbana commit the instructions are totally broken, so you may want to fix that (maybe even revert the commit). Here’s now and before.

I created a PR for this a while ago. But it has not yet been merged.

You can comment there if you want to support merging it. But needless to say I completely agree with you.

This PR is now a lot behind the current version though and is from prior to the instructions moving to a new file. I can create a new one, but it’s not much use if it will not be merged.

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Thanks for suggestions!
By the way, you can make a PR for documentation :slight_smile:

I have partially agree with you, but in some NAS it’s not so easy to avoid using a sudo.
But we should remove a brand. This could going not only to Synology.

This is a part of the Docker installation for Linux, I don’t think, it should be there.

We are currently reworking the whole Node Setup instructions guide, and the new version on a different platform already includes the changes suggested in the PR you made back in May. The github version of the guide is presently under construction so please wait until we fix some formatting issues before suggesting further changes. Sorry I did not notice your PR before, but we are incorporating your suggestions for sure.