Today (24 july 20) , all my nodes stopped receiving data on a large scale

What happened to the storj network? Can someone confirm if it was just me, or all the nodes received little data today ?, I attached my graphics from my firewall and one of my nodes. ¿It is normal?

Note: all my nodes are physically separated in different public IP with 16-bit mask, I understand that the storj network considers them as separate nodes

This contradicts the “stopped receiving data” from your title. Are you getting uploads/downloads ?

You can’t expect to receive constant supply of traffic. You can’t compare yesterday’s traffic to any other day’s traffic.

Mostly of the data you have been receiving were probably from europe-north satellite, which is used by Storj team to do tests of the network.

That traffic just come back and go away from time to time. It’s not your nodes or anything wrongly configured.

However, as @nerdatwork said, Storj is a dynamic network, so you have to be prepared for different and mostly unpredictable traffic changes.

While your node keeps saying it’s online, the log is showing some kind of traffic and you haven’t received a message about disqualification, you are fine.

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Same here:

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This is normal, on my full nodes I see big variations in egress:

This graph is last 24 hours, every color is a different node.

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