Today i see online score is dropped, and my node never was offline

today i see this, and my node never was offline, what the hell is happening?

Your node was not reachable when those satellites comes to audit your node.
I would like to suggest you to use an external monitoring for your port:

I use UptimeRobot and all is ok

Is your online score recovers?

Slowly but yes, can be the storage a problem? i use a HDD by USB

If your node would have problems with HDD, your suspension score or audit score would be affected.
The online score is falling when the satellites comes to audit your node, but it’s not responding on audit requests. In such case it will be considered as offline.
If the node answer on audit the online score will slowly increase.

Can I change the IP? I use the No-IP program and I like to change it to my real IP because it is static and I didn’t know it

Yes, you can:

why has this been going on with my node along i understand that it’s a new node but the failed audits are also of concern and appears to have started with V1.18.1,

it’s running in windows gui see screeshots

Your audit is still 100% and your online % is what is falling, Which one are you talking about?

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well my online is one concern the other is the failed audits I’ve been at this for a while the most failed audits I have seen one failed audits as the screenshot displays I have failed more than I am comfortable with, am not sure what is the causation and what can I do to prevent it.

You should first be checking your logs and searching for any failed audits to find out what is failing and see if you can fix it, But from your screenshot you haven’t failed any audits to cause the % to fall.

do you know of PS script that would allow me or anyone for that matter to check for failed audit specifically, also how did you change your avatar here.

Well you can use by BrightSilence you have been here long enough to know about this already though. Or are you trying to use a script to find the errors in logs directly?

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the errors directly …

For windows, Not 100% sure I havent seen any scripts but you can try the command

Depending on your location of your log though.

sls GET_AUDIT "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls failed

thanks for the reply but it didn’t work in either cmd or ps

Could you please show the result in the PowerShell?

here they are

So, you do not have failed audits. Why do you think you should have them?
The online score falling when the satellite is come to audit your node, but it’s not responding, such an audit considered as offline.
If your node is answering on audits, the online score will increasing a little bit, but not so fast, as falling - you need to be online for the next 30 days to recover.
You can read more there: