Too few trafic this month


I’m having like 1/3 of the usual traffic in my nodes this month,like my node has 40gb egress now and usually has 120gb or so by now

¿anyone with same problems?

I know egress is not granted,and can be 0,but I’m curious about why this sudden change in the egress and if I’m the only one.

my node is in spain,if that can help

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It can’t be zero, you have to pass audits. Ingress can be zero.

This is not a problem at all. This isn’t mining to get a steady flow of traffic. As long as you are online 24/7 and passing audits you are good.

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Audit traffic for my node last month was 17MB - close enough to zero.

I’m still seeing 4mbps though, so, it’s not that bad.

You may want to checkout this thread regularly updated by the community with latest observed “performance” of the Network, from an SNO stand point:

So yeah… All good. In fact you have way more egress than all my combined nodes (approx 26GB/day)!
But it all depends on how much data you’re storing :slight_smile:

Same here, egress dropped three times on 1st of november and even lower on 4th. Confused me and I thought something’s wrong on my side but doesn’t seem so. Ingress is ok