Total Held Amount don't increase anymore on Dashboard

Good morning everybody,
this is my very first post as I am fairly new to Storj. My node is running now since November and everything is fine so far. Running the Docker image 1.18.1 on Linux.

But since two days I am wondering a bit. When I look into the dashboard the amount in the field “Total Held Amount” does not increase anymore. It is stuck at $0,99. Seems like it is “not possible” to jump over to 1,00.

I have ingress and egress volume, all satelites are at 100%. So everything from this side should be ok.

Many thanks for your help.

held amount increase, once a month, normaly after payment.

It is an interesting point…does held amount get applied at payment time or at data used time?
It would be weird to see held increase but not get paid. Same applies for total payout.

Oh well, I checked the numbers again and somehow it can be confusing for a beginner like me.

When I check the sums of my last two full months (Nov/Dez), I see the following amount:

Gross Total 1.13 , Held Back 0.99 , Net Total $ 0.33

When I watch at the current period (Jan), I see:

Gross Total 0.55 , Held Back 0.41 , Net Total $ 0.14

The dashboard right now shows:

  • Current Month Earning $ 0.55 (obviously Gross total month, increasing day by day)

  • Total Earned $ 0.33 (Net total of previous months, not including actual month)

  • Total Held Amount $ 0.99 (Total held of previous months, not including actual month)

The held amount get applied at month complete, you can think of it like it’s got applied on payout time.
However, the dashboard shows an estimation for the current period, so it could looks like it’s applied every day, but it’s an estimation not the real accounting. Moreover - this estimation do not account the real situation with sent orders, otherwise we (SNO) would notice the last problem with orders much earlier…