Total payout 0 for April


Is there a bug in the system? I had relatively a lot of disk and bandwidth usage in April and was tracking the payout time to time. Today I went to the dashboard to see a 0 payout for April.
Could you help me with that please? It’s already showing some amount for May, but the previous month is gone 0_o.
My node ID is 1uBhTpXG5P75kVzEKcRMAernJbr4uELMwogxKDS8QQmBpEzUUQ


Its a new month.
For earnings use the earnings calculator.

I guess it is a bug in the dashboard. The fact that all month prior of April are greyed out implies, that there should be data for April.

The new dashboard most likely uses the data in the paystubs table to show information for previous months. This table needs to be filled by the satellite, which can take some time. Perhaps that is part of the payout calculation process. I don’t know exactly when that update happens, perhaps someone from Storj can clarify.

In the mean time you can indeed use the earnings calculator to calculate the earnings for April. Instead of the paystubs table, the earnings calculator uses the actual storage used and bandwidth used from the nodes own bookkeeping to determine what payout should be. In that way it can work as a verification that the payout calculation done by the satellite actually matches what your node tracked locally.

And because that data is already available, you don’t have to wait for payout calculation either.

Nothing is “greyed out” in the dashboard payments if I select another month. It’s just another bug for a faulty dashboard that should never have been released :frowning:

No, as the current month show data, and we are on the 1th of May…

Mine shows nothing for april either. It did show data on the 30th of april.
It’s another bug in the currently very buggy payments screen.
Let’s hope the next release improves it.

Hence why I said “for previous months”. The current month looks at node usage so far instead of the paystubs table.

Sorry for the confusion, so previous months should be exactly what was paid out by the satellites?
In my case that’s bad news for March, as its a negative number.
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 12.16.17

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lol whoever is programming this stuff, needs to learn than when programming one will run the software on a smaller test user sample first and then release the more stable and sensible versions to the general public.

and even without doing that… come on Storj, i know you guys want to give people access to this stuff, but is the overall confusion really worth it, i really hope the base code for tardigrade and storj is a bit more well thought through than the development of the web dashboard seems to be…

did somebody put the programmers in charge of the sign off for a version release…
not really something that a heuristically mind does well.

keep Err at Full stream, Mr Murdoch…
the coal chamber is still on fire, we are unsinkable… and on a schedule… what could possibly go wrong!

Aye Aye…Cpt

So you got to pay Storj? :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Please read the changelog. It explains why this is happening.

We did exactly that. The findings are included in the changelog. Unfortunately, I don’t know any good way to force everyone to read it before complaining.


oh yeah i read that… xD
and 80% of all the comments / posts in that thread… still doesn’t change that it doesn’t work, even when its noted that it doesn’t work.

personally i don’t mind that there is issues in new software, because there will always be issues.
i just don’t understand why Storj has any real benefit from releasing it before it works as intended… sure it may help doing some advanced testing, and there are many eyes and thoughts to roam through on the forum when troubleshooting… which i suppose could be a reason…

it just doesn’t come off as looking professional… but i suppose SNO’s are also boarderline infrastructure, so …

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
server farm hell

But it does make a better impression.


That’s definitely not the correct answer. If AWS or Microsoft had a flaw in their product telling their end users to read the Change-Log would not help.

The Dashboard has so many issues it would better to not release it at all. Just think about it. If the data for a month is not available what should you do? You should inform the user that the data is not available, you should not present an empty table.

Thats like sending a electricity invoice/bill with $0 and the next month ask the customer why they haven’t paid as it said in their release nots that you need to pay $100 if the invoice was $0.

The same with the updates. Instead of telling customers to update in the UI, a simple change could say "we are going to update the client within the next 7 days. and, after the update has been performed inform the end user that is was either successful or unsuccessful.

I’ve done programming for 25 years and this is a failure, not on the “code” side of things but on the UX side.


I am the wrong person for that feedback. Let me summon @jocelyn to redirect that feedback to the corresponding team.


So you are the wrong person responding in the first place? I know I can’t criticize here as my posts will just be deleted


@direktorn you are right and I’m as a part of SNO team want to apologize for that and explain why it happened like that.
Payout dashboard was one of the feature that requested from community for a pretty long time and bunch of times, so right after our team transferred to SNO related products we decided to prioritize payout dashboard and we tried to do our best to release it as fast as we can to finally deliver it. However there was some other dependancies that was not planned in our initial scope cause when we just started to do this Payout Dashboard there was lack of info and some things we created during the implementation process.
But right now we realized that it was not a right decision and probably it was better to hold on for a bit and not to do bunch of things in parallels, have a feature flags in place for deployment team, etc…
Good thing that it is not affect your payout at all, it is just a dashboard that still in progress.
Next time we will not do release of unfinished feature and you are 100% right.
Thanks for your feedback and we really appreciate it!

P.S. We are going to do a release this week that will fix bunch of issues on payout dashboard that is currently faced by our SNOs


don’t sweat releasing new features to fast, better to gather / sign up some SNO for testing new features on the dashboard and then release less buggy version into the wild…

I think we are mostly just a bit confused more than anything else about this whole dashboard issue.
it kinda seems a bit like tripping over your own feet when trying to run to fast… doesn’t really make one arrive faster at the destination…

looks like it will be an awesome dashboard…

when it really starts working correctly.
maybe an uptime graph would also be nice…so we locally can see that the network sees us as being online… xD

and stop letting people release unreviewed software…
there is this thing in science called peer review… its there for good reason…

just like if you want cars to be safe, then you make safety reviews, and if you customers to like your products you do product reviews and adapt depending on need.

ofc new companies will constantly run into areas they aren’t geared to deal with and then make mistakes, reevaluate and make procedures, guidelines, manuals and such on various subjects.
thus strengthening the knowledge of the company and it’s people.

also why the big companies often seem to waste endless amounts of cash on the weirdest things, because they have such established paradigms of knowledge that they follow to keep from making mistakes.

anyways i hope you can find a grain of wisdom in my ramblings, as i want storj to succeed.
else i wouldn’t have bothered writing anything at all :smiley:

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