Traffic low on vetted node

vetted note, 1 Gbit/s up and down capability - harddisk more than able to saturate internet connection, but very low traffic average of about 1 Mbit/s

how come the traffic per node is so low? Is it on intention that powerful node owners do not get the traffic that they should be able to endure?

unfortunetly storj client not know who has 1 Gbit/s or 1Mbit trafic, thay just upload or download file, who do it fastest, will win competition, more is plaing role how far you are from client and you donloaded or uploaded first. Client side not know how many TB of storage you have free, only satelite know how much you left free Space and bandwidth, if you have you are in the list of sended nodes id to client if not, you are not.

Its 100% based on location and hardware that has the ability to accept more transfers at the same time, It doesn’t care how fast your internet is. If the the person uploading isn’t close to you, you wont be the first to get to accept it.

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Vetting nodes distribute only 5% of all traffic.
Old nodes mostly get test traffic up to 40mbit/s. Wait real clients.

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You meant NOT Vetted nodes geting 5%.

Yes. Or “vetting” nodes.