Transfer Nodes to Different PC

Hi all,

I currently have 2 nodes running on my personal PC (windows 10). I installed the first node through the GUI and the second through some finagling using the toolbox. Now that I’m satisfied with the messing around phase, I want to move the nodes to a more long-term/permanent backup PC I have (same household). However, I’m not sure which steps I should take to ensure my data does not get overwritten - I’m planning on just popping the hard drives straight into the new computer so I won’t need any robocopy stuff, and the downtime will hopefully be minimal because of that. But I’m afraid of doing something wrong and having storj overwrite my actual datafolders.

So if anyone could tell me the best steps to take to ensure that the transfer to the different PC (also win10) goes smoothly and safely I would greatly appreciate it!

What if I don’t want to transfer all of the data over LAN? I just want to plug the harddrives which have the identity folder and the data folder already…

If your nodes data is on a hard drive that you can just move from one pc to another you can do that too.