no longer supported by StorJ?

Any more info on this?

As of October 30th 2020, Storj Labs will discontinue support for the service. Please sign up for the world’s best decentralized file transfer and storage system, for all of your file transfer needs. 1. Create a account. 2. Download the Uplink Tool. 3. Share your file.

If you have any questions, please contact


Just wondering what kind of info are you looking for.

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Why the very short lived support of What happened, any reasoning behind it. I don’t know, just kind of curious as to what motivated the decision to end support so soon.


It’s open source. There’s nothing stopping anyone from cloning the repo and running their own service.

It looks like the backend is all ready set for tardigrade interoperability:

My guess is because they already offer 50gigs of storage on tardigrade, no need to have another site using more space, they kinda wanna make money not loose money.