Trash Collection day?

Just checked my node and had to do a double take and stop myself running to the server. Thought I borked my system last night while i was tidying up the log file, Luckily all is well!! (I think/hope!?!?)

Looks like the garbage collection routines have started on my node. It was 85% full yesterday, and it’s now reporting only 25% full. (physically the disk is still 85% full). Hopefully if everything is OK once the files are finally physically deleted I can stop worrying and put off buying a larger HDD for a few more months!

I believe what your seeing is sat 118 is constantly deleting all the data off your node.


Hmm that’s weird :thinking:
I’m not experiencing that at all on my end.
So far, it looks like all the test data is still sitting on my node.

Looks like it was a bug in the old Web dashboard.
Updated to V0.33.4 today and all that “free” space is now back to being used.

Guess I’ll have to start looking for another +3Tb drive to either migrate it to, or start a new node with… :smiley: