Trash date folder working correctly?

According to this statement:

The date folder in trash should have one name, the name when the bloom filter has been received.

Now here is my situation on one of my nodes:
Bloom filter (strange behavior) - #23 by jammerdan

Their date is both 06/05. And I see a trash date folder with the same date.

As mentioned in that thread yesterday, I have restarted the node. Retain resumed with the same bloomfilters and today I see that there is a new date folder with date 07/05:

ls /trash/ukfu6bhbboxilvt7jrwlqk7y2tapb5d2r2tsmj2sjxvw5qaaaaaa/
2024-05-06  2024-05-07

Contents of these folders correspond to a resume. Where 06/05 contents stop the 07/05 folder contents start.

So the question is, if this is intended behavior.
If the date folder is supposed to have the name when the bloomfilter was received then it is clearly not as it is processing the same bloomfilter. No change here.
If the date folder should have the name when processing started, then it is working as it should.

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If it is an issue then it is probably that the gc-filewalker does not know when the bloomfilter was received.
It simply starts processing and creates the date folder assuming that this is shortly after the bloomfilter has been received.
In reality it would have to take into account the date of the bloomfilter file in the retain folder.
If this file has - as in my case - a date of 06/05 as last changed date, then the gc-filewalker should take this date as name for the date folder and not when the gc-filewalker starts to run/resume.