Trash folder after GE

Looks like a bug: trash folder not empty after GE on sattelite.
GE status

Trash folder

Files in trash get deleted after 7 days.

In my opinion, this folder should be cleared immediately after receiving confirmation of a successful exit.

I agree. Since your GE went successfully it would even make sense to delete the files but I would recommend not to risk it.

Well, that’s a problem. People exit the network so they can stop the software and clean up the data. Perhaps reuse the HDD. Since they will be unlikely to keep running the software, it won’t be cleaned up anymore either.

As far as I know you get a graceful exit confirmation code. This should be all you need to prove you exited completely and held back amount should be paid out. The trash folder should not be needed (and probably actually isn’t needed).

I see no problem here. If you only do GE on one satellite then don’t bother about a few GB in your trash that will be deleted in 7 days.
If you do GE on all satellites then you will delete the STORJ directory anways or even format the drive.

So why make a big deal of something that is barely a problem?