Trash folder might be dangerous

Today I’m getting a 200 GB worth of data being deleted into trash folder, so my current trash folder is roughly 280 GB in size, and at the same time, my dashboard’s “Disk Space Remaining” is added by 200 GB, instantly (without waiting for the trash folder to be emptied).

This can be dangerous, as with the current fill-rate of 250 GB/day, if there are 2-3 users deleting 200 GB of data, in a few days I will have a full disk that will possibly cause a database corruption, despite allocating a spare 10% of my 8 TB drive.

The risk of this happening to user with smaller drive is probably even bigger. Has this file deletion and trash folder workflow taken into account? How long will it linger in trash before actually being deleted?


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Far as I know the trash folder gets deleted every 7 days so if your node doesnt show enough space it wont allow to upload you shouldn’t get any data. I know on my node I have about 203gigs worth of trash and im not getting any data at all. Sorry I mixed the nodes up the dashboard is showing the correct number.

by correct you mean without trash being accounted for, or with trash being accounted for?

I believe it is taking trash being accounted for. It shows the right amount its not allowing any data in. Thats why its good to have a extra 10% overhead.

If you look through other topics, you’ll see that the dashboard doesn’t show the real available space and that your logs report a different amount with each upload request.