Trash folder still has empty folders left

Shouldn’t empty folders be deleted with the pieces ? It’s been more than 7 days and folders are still there. Properties of parent folder shows 0 files and xxxx folders

they delet within 7 days after signal, as signal going in different time to different data, it cleand also in different time.

What signal? There’s no any signal. Just a usual timer. Pieces should be deleted after 7 days unless restored from the trash.

Who is moving the data into the trash folder and starts the timer? When does that happen?

I think @nerdatwork was pointing out that the files do get deleted, but the folders do not. I saw the same thing. Not really an issue. I would say.

When it become 50k-100k folders, may start to be an isue

I’m talking about when this already happened - data is moved to the trash and lean there for the next 7 days. There is no additional “signal” to delete it, isn’t it?

by signal i meant command from Satelite to move data to trashfolder

Ok then. I’m misunderstood you, my bad.
Yes, to move data to trash your node should receive a signed message from the satellite to remove the already deleted pieces

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