Trash folder wasting useable space

I note the trash folder has started filling up as my node disk is getting more full. I understand the trash is deleted pieces and that they will be deleted all going well in seven days. So three things:

  1. Why do we want to store deleted pieces?
  2. Trash is using space on my drive that I could use to increase my storage node size.
  3. If I leave 10% of my drive free to cater for trash files, will that be enough?
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If your trash folder is filled by pieces, this is only mean that your node was offline when customer deleted data.
So, if you want to do not have a trash - please. keep your node online


As the trash folder content is being used as part of a recovery strategy and is part of the overall product solution then we should be getting paid for the space the trash folder is using.

I don’t understand why you want to get paid for garbage but sure you can disable garbage collection if you think that helps.

Because it’s part of your DR plan that we are holding content for and we could be using that space for node storage. If you guys don’t care about the trash folder, I’ll just create a cron job to clean it out hourly?

Sure. However, if the D is happened, your node would be DQ.
Better do not touch anything inside the data folder for node’s safety, but it’s up on you.

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On my node that stores 4.6TB of data I have a trash folder of 1GB and it’s shrinking over time. It’s negligible and definitely not worth the risk of disqualification.

Pro tip: It won’t, you’re not getting paid for this data either way.

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I have a trash question: how is it possible that my node has a small bit of trash on it if said node has not been down. the period of time in which the trash was added to my folder was while it was online, had plenty of bandwidth, and was not prevented from functioning in any way? is there any other reason besides an offline node that can generate trash files/folder content? if a satellite or respective client stopped the download process would that generate trash? I can assure you it was not due to an offline node on my end. I very rarely ( maybe once a month ) bring my node down for maintenance, for no longer than 30 seconds, and only to adjust config or updates and I have not done this in some time. most certainly not recently enough to have prevented any downloads/uploads.

You can use to check your online status outside of you network.
Sometimes satellite do not wait longer, while your node is busy and since it’s not confirmed within timeout, the satellite will send a bloom filter later to allow your Garbage Collector to remove deleted pieces to trash in a background.
Please also take a look on this announcement:

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thank you very much. I have no desire to remove or alter the trash function. anything that helps streamline the network or provide quality of life on either end of this operation is okay by me. The question was more for reassurance purposes than anything, wanted to clarify I had not somehow failed at my node work in some aspect. its barely more than one piece worth of trash anyway (not alarming by any means).