Tribe Social $297/mo after trial - will it work with this price?

Do you think it will work with this price? I dont. Sorry

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What do you mean?

I mean this $297/mo

Regarding to?

In short - what this price is belong to?

It is only to hight for me. Maybee not for other people. Thats all.

Oh sorry here:

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I renamed the post to make it clear from start

I think they can improve on their messaging a little bit. It still isn’t entirely clear what their product is and who it is aimed at. But as a business expense $297/mo isn’t that big a deal if this is for a large group of people. So if you’re trying to build a place large community around a company, a club or other organization, I don’t see the pricing as necessarily disqualifying. But I do think it doesn’t help that they refer to those communities as “your tribe”, which is nice colorful language to fit the branding, but doesn’t really give an idea of what to expect. I’m happy to keep an eye on them and see what they will do going forward though.

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Appreciate the feedback everyone! We are NOT in public mode… still in beta.

Our current marketing / sales are all “Founding Members”. They purchases a $3,000/year package. The premium services is actually $3,000/mo! Which is for enterprise customers.

We’re selling enough to stay profitable during development.

Maybe later we’ll improvement front-end / marketing on this website for a lower price option. But right now we are focused on $3k/year and $30k/year price points.


That’s a good place to be in! Focus on the product development first while being profitable then scale up marketing later.