Troubles on the installation process

Hi everyone

I joined Storj yesterday, and I followed all the steps on the installation guide that I found on our main page. I had no issues until I reached the very last part of the Storj V3 Storage Node Setup, after setting up the folders, address code and storage amount… This is the screen that apears to me:

trouble 1

Any ideas? My apologies for my english is not my native language

Thanks by the way and Im glad to be here

Welcome to the forum @Ivan!

Try deleting C:\Program Files\Storj folder and reinstall it.

Thank you! I deleted that folder and it stucks in the same step, “Startng services”. The program stay a few mins in that step and then appears the same error. Could be a network error such as wrong TCP port or something? Im so lost :sweat_smile:

Try removing the folder again and explicitly running the installer as an administrator.

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Make sure, that the Firewall is enabled and Dnscache service is working before install.

Thank you guys, I will try it after reinstall all my OS and a new motherboard, last one got corrupted… I will keep this thread updated as soon as I can start working on the new build.

See you soon :grinning: