Trust Scheduling next refresh?

hi ;

i needed to move the data to another hard drive and now when i turn on the docker i got the following

2020-04-15T12:38:42.849Z INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
2020-04-15T12:38:42.849Z INFO Private server started on
2020-04-15T12:38:42.849Z INFO trust Scheduling next refresh {“after”: “5h51m18.71883531s”}
2020-04-15T12:38:43.061Z INFO version running on version v1.1.1

and nothing more, i tried deleting de config.yaml and restarting but same results

any idea will be great

Check to make sure your node is online.

Did you make sure that drive is shared in docker’s settings too ?

yes, i just found that the config.yaml didn have the external server nor wallet

after i added this it started to work normally

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The parameters in the docker run command (please, update it by the way) have a precedence above parameters in the config.yaml