Try to use Binance Smart Chain to send payments?

It is compatible with erc20. The same eth address can be used on BSC as well.

First of all, I apologize for reviving old thread. But I feel right now is the perfect time to rethink the whole zkSync move.

In the past few weeks, a lot of ERC20 based token have successfully integrates into BEP20 binance smart chain (a few example : Perlin, Alpaca, there are a lot more!). This is quite the norm now that BEP20 is becoming an ERC20 alternative. Most tokens that integrates to BEP20 smart chain think that this is a good move because the token’s value will no longer fully dependant on ERC20 network, and it’s extortionary gas fee.

What about zkSync? zkSync is not a good alternative, because ultimately, you’d still have to move your token to the main net in order to realize the profit, and that won’t become any cheaper anytime soon. Let’s face it, gas fee will not go down and it will only increase from now on. Right now it’s around $20, how many people making $20/month on Storj? 5% of the node operator? Are we willing to erase our 1 month worth of profit simply for gas?

We do not plan to switch blockchain again.

It’s not switching, but adding / integrating into more blockchain, so users can move their tokens between (and get paid at) ERC20 ↔ BEP20 network as they please.

Integrating with both network is very beneficial, not only for cheaper the gas fees but also penetration into BNB markets, as well as lowering entry barrier for privacy-oriented tardigrade users who doesn’t want to use credit card for payment. We’d also have the backup network in case one of the network is suddenly full or could not validate transaction in optimal manners. It’s like “we know paypal is good, but we’d also use stripe, just in case. Stripe is also cheaper, so why not?”

I really hope this get a 2nd look from dev team :pray:

Thank you,

Yes. zksync is useless.
Of all the possible options, the developers of Storj chose the most unpromising. Looks like I’ll have to go to Chia …

@vladsol Could I suggest you to give us a bit more details on why you think zksync is so bad?

Good luck with that: Seems to me like it’s way too late. Only early birds could have made decent money with regular setups.
But you know, whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:

Does BeP20 will be possible to trade on binance? I havent seen any ather exchange can receve bep20

How about Polygon network? I assume you understand the benefits over ERC-20 and zkSync.

This has already been discussed in other threads, please do a search and you will see that the Storj Team is not discarding this option (Polygon). Also please stay on topic, this thread is about BSC, not Polygon. Thanks.

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Even I started a thread about it, but saw staff reply here, so thought to ask directly.

Like I said, there is another thread, so please don’t start diverting attention in this thread. You may want to consider that we are on holiday break until after the New Year, so answers from the team are not to be expected until they are back from their well deserved break.

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Sure! Happy new pope’s calendar thingy to you, too!

I did not realize that discussing advantages of something else over the original proposal is that much of off-topic. Your world is weird. We are all after a convenient solution with low fees.

And this is Binance with the support answering once in half a year, if they ever do anything at all. Really? They may be big, but this is how they will fall.

See The Polygon L2 is several orders of magnitude easier from an end-user perspective

The current thread about Binance Smart Chain. You proposes another blockchain and topic inside the completely different. Yes, they related, but about different methods.
The Polygon, for example, could be considered as a wallet option, when BSC - is not (because their requirements will not allow us to use it in legal).

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