Trying to add two new ports, but they get status closed

I have a struggle. I try to open a new port and have followed every instruction in the document.

Case: I have two ports that are already opened, I used the same steps to add two new ports to my modem and added them in my firewall BUT when I check I can see the two new ports are still closed.

Any ideas on how I can try to solve this?
Note: I done this a few times and I am pretty sure that the two ports that works have the same settings as the two new ports I am trying to add.

Working ports: 28967, 28968
Not working ports: 28970, 28971

Do you have a node running for each of these ports ?


Do not have anything running on these ports yet, but that is my goal to setup two new nodes.

Have two active nodes on 28967, 28968 currently.

You have to have a service running on that port, else the port will show up as closed!

PS: Also do not forget that running more nodes won’t help to get more data. In fact based on the setup, one might even reduce their overall profit.


@stefanbenten What happened to your Storjling title ?

I have no clue to be honest. Good catch :joy:

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@jocelyn Please look in to ^. Thank you :slight_smile:

Okei. I guess it will fix my problem, I was thinking wrong and thought port needed to be opened before installing the node. I will get right to it.

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Status: Case closed.

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