Trying to port forward on a TP-Link router, what should the ‘service type’ be?

I’ve attached the screenshot of the list of service type on the TP Link Archer VR400 V3 router, what should the service type be?

Is the router forcing you to choose one of those?
I would try FTP but not sure if it will do the job, i think storj isn’t using any of those services but it’s usage is pretty close to FTP.
Even for the port 14002 which shows the dashboard the protocol sometimes isn’t recognized as HTTP

Don’t press the “scan” button and just ignore that list, it’s just a suggestion of popular ports people usually want to forward.
Just click the “+Add”
Enter in “StorJ” as the "Service Type (It’s a text description of the service that will be using the port you can stick anything in here you like!!)

Then the port id’s you want to forward :
External port : 28967,
IP address :,
Internal port : 28967,
Then I use “all” when it asks for TCP or UDP)
Then click “Save” and that’s the port forwarding all set up.


It’s DRPC. See

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