Trying to start a new node on vpn

i am Trying to start a new node on vpn on the same pc (the first one is working and not on VPN)
i am using NordVPN.
the node is offline and no error.

Do you need a ddns or is the vpn ip static.
Have you opened new port and added that to the docker run (if you use docker ) xxxxx:28967
I belive that you have to add that port with your vpn provider to

i am using a docker.
the ip remain the same for long periods.
how do i add that port with my vpn provider?

Hello, unfortunately you will not be able to use nordvpn as they do not support port forwarding. If you want to use a vpn you have to get one which provides port forwarding example PIA or torguard.

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I can open ports with My provider.
Need that for some other things i run from home

@xyphos10 is right
I can continue his list

…,, ngrok, PureVPN, …

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