Trying to start node but doesn't start?

Hello! I just restarted my computer and my node, when I start the node it says it started in docker but when I try and open the dashboard it doesn’t seem to connect. I think it’s a hard drive mounting issue, because the node was acting up before I restarted. Any help is appreciated thanks!

Hi @Jackalope

Please, copy the 20 last lines from the log: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

This is what I got seems there’s an output error?

This shows a disk i/o error. That means the disk drive (HDD) has failing blocks. You should run a full disk surface scan to check the drive for failure.

Oh dang that’s unfortunate. How does one do that on linux? Can it be fixed? I assume this affects the dashboard since it isn’t showing up.

It’s normally a hardware issue, so not really fixable, although sometimes you do get ‘lucky’ and only one or two blocks are ‘bad’. This will affect the whole node install.

I don’t use Linux but a quick google shows you can run a badblacks command: