Trying to start node

What did I do this time?
Thanks to all the have helped me!

Replace it to the location of your identity files. You can copy the absolute path from the output of the identity commands you ran earlier.

Replace it to the local directory where you want files to be stored on your hard drive for the network.
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I cleared the commands from earlier any other way to find where I put them?

You have to replace the place holders with path to identity and where you want to store the data. Use a directory like storjv3

According to your prior post, your identity should be here:


So, the option should be:

--mount type=bind,source="/root/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode/", destination=/app/identity \

Similarly, the storage-dir option will need to changed to the filesystem path to your designated storage hard drive or folder.

df -H

…is a good starting point to figuring out that filesystem path.

If you are planning on using a USB hard drive, please note that when you plug in a USB hard drive, it will mount under /media/pi via fuse … This is not ideal for running a Storj node. It’s much better if you add an entry to /etc/fstab for the USB hard drive. In this way, the external USB hard drive will always be mounted on RPi boot and will always have the same location in the filesystem tree.

I would like to suggest to use a subfolder on the disk for the storage and move your identity to the subfolder on the disk too.