Trying to use storj with duplicati on mac os having issues please help

Hi all thanks for your help with my last post and your patience.
As you may know I’m totally blind running a high spec MacBook Pro 32 GB RAM 2.3 GB Intel eight core processor. I’m running macOS Big Sur. I’m trying to use duplicati to back my computer up to storj, but I’m having real trouble getting things going I’m wondering if somebody could help me resolve the problems I’m having please. Basically I was able to install dupli cati on my Mac and an activity monitor it shows as a running process, however the menu bar icon which should allow me to open the web interface is not there. Also duplicati does not show up as a running application in the dock or in the list of applications that I am able to force quit.
Your help with this matter would be most welcome everyone thanks very much Trey.

Have you installed prerequisites?