[TUTORIAL]Recurrent succes rate report(only for linux)


this is based in this script an various other tools.

the objective is to have a periodical update about the succes rate of your node.

I’ve managed to make it work in linux and debian (raspbian),don’t know if can work in other linux systems.


1º you have to download this script in the linux system.

2º try to use it (for example “./successrate.sh storjv3” if your node is named storjv3)

3º create a folder to store the reports (I’ve used /Logs/node/)

4º try to store a report in the folder with the command ./successrate.sh storjv3 < /path/to/folder/log-"$(date)".txt (this will create a .txt with the info,and with the name of log-current-date)

5º if sucessful,then follow this tutorial to prepare your linux sistem with the hability to send emails.
(the tutorial is meant to use a gmail account,but you can adapt it easily to use another mail service)

6º install mail (sudo apt-get install mailutils)

7º use (sudo nano node_sender.sh) and then in the folder copy this

sudo LC_ALL=C /path/to/your/file/successrate.sh name_of_your_node > /path/to/your/folder/logs-"(date)".txt sleep 10 name_variable=(cd /path/to/your/folder/ && ls -Art | head -n1)
sudo mail -s “mail subject” your@email.com < /path/to/your/folder/"$name_variable"

use ctrl+o+enter to save and then ctrl+x to exit file. then use the command (sudo chmod +x node_sender.sh)

8º probe to use ./node_sender.sh and after finished check your mailbox for the report.

9º If worked,we just need to set the recurrence.

Use the command (sudo crontab -e) and there following the explanation put any calls you need to the /path/to/your/file/node_sender.sh to set your recurrence .

for example,I’ve configured to make it daily at 10AM,that will be (0 10 * * * /path/to/your/file/node_sender.sh)

and with that you will receibe a recurrent report about yout node status.