Two or more nodes on the same hard drive, is it possible?

I have 3 nodes on 3 hard drives on the same computer.

The nodes receive very little amount of data. Almost everything that goes into the node is repair.

Can I put the older node next to the newer node on the same hard drive?

The most modern node has 120gb. The oldest node is almost 7tb.

The filling of the hard drives is very slow and I would like to use the hard drive of the most modern node for other uses.

Yes its possible. But i would suggest this Topic->

Yes, there is no reason not to. I have 9 on one disk as the other disks that storj doesn’t use are now mining

I wanted to remove a storj hard drive to test chia mining.

Now I will look at more information about the project. I am not clear about it.

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it seems that the recommended thing is a hard disk for each node.

For now I’ll leave it as is.

Also the Terms say you should have one drive per node: Have a minimum of one (1) hard drive and one (1) processor core dedicated to each Storage Node;

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Yeah but it also says one core per node…
It’s more like a recommendation I’d say… If you have 6 nodes on one drive and your drive can’t handle it, whatever the consequences would be completely on you.
That said, I use 3 nodes per hdd myself and the only problem is the filewalker process on startup which generates a huge amount of iowait, especially for 3 nodes.

That’s actually a pretty smart idea: use Chia plots to quickly fill your drives (and get a chance at XCH) while you wait for Storj to slowly fill over time. As long as you keep an eye on free space (so Storj always has room to grow) I don’t see why the two apps wouldn’t work fine together.

I guess at some point you may have to delete plots so Storj has room: but that’s probably a decision far in the future :slight_smile:

Not exactly quickly, I’ve got 200GB in 4 days and absolutely zero payout. But you’re right, as soon as storj needs the space, bye bye Chia.

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It fills quicker than Storj… but if you expect to make income with 200gb in 4 days I have some bad news for you. 200gb will take over a year to make your first income. I’m trying to fill up 5TB+ and I still don’t expect to make anything for about a month or so. The Chia hype is causing the network to basically grow at almost the same ratio as my node can add plots. But it’s better than nothing until Storj claims the space. Then Chia is outta here. I’d rather provide my HDD space for actual use by people/companies. And it seems that also happens to be the most profitable.


Are you running Chia on your synology?

Currently running the full node on a windows system, but plots are on the Synology. I’m plotting on both the windows machine and the Synology though.

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